I feel like because I’m half asian I must have some sort of claim on being zen. But that aside while I’m by no means a zen master, I am a frequent traveller and work a job that changes every day. So I have to find a balance where and when I can get it. […]

What makes someone a model?

I thought I would include my cover of Pretty hurts. The lyrics are pretty apt about the way you can sometimes feel about yourself compared to the beautiful images of models in magazines and on billboards. Too many times I’ve had people say to me “I wish I could be a model” or “It’s only […]


There are no foreign lands

I used to feel slightly nervous/ slightly excited before a new contract overseas. Ok ok, It wasn’t just slightly, I was immensely excited!   Living abroad with friend and party animal, Yumi I would pack my bags a week before and tick off everything on my “travel list” that I had made, making sure I […]


When you’re your own boss at 15

Sounds kind of glamorous and powerful being your own boss and calling the shots when you’re still in high school huh?! but in actual fact it’s not. Something a lot of people don’t know about the industry is that we as models are contractors. Most agency contracts are geared towards protecting their interests first (and […]

Do not follow blindly

So you’re telling me that not everything on the internet is true???!?!??!   Social media is awesome. It makes it easy to stay connected with friends around the world, it’s a great way to share photo’s and as we’ve seen lately you can get up to date intel from war zones and protests and really […]

Picture 16

From school girl to model!

  Ok so here goes, an insight into my life before modelling and how I transitioned into this wonderful world of fashion! Let me start with a little piece of information that is probably going to have my whole family nodding their heads in agreement. I was NOT a fashionable child. like at all, completely […]


Is presentation everything?

Have you ever wondered if dressing up is really worth it, if there are perks and downfalls to it? I’m sure you’re wondering how on earth there could be downfalls, but let me start with the positives. Do you think I can get special treatment if my face is on the wall? ;p Dressing up […]


Do models make good role models?

Yes they do, and no they don’t. There’s not a right or wrong answer to this one. I think like anyone A person can and can’t be defined by their job. It’s up the the individual and not the industry they’re in, to keep them on the right track. I know plenty of models who eat healthy, […]


I’m weighing in on the debate

Growing up I was that stick thin awkward kid at school. Needless to say I never really had any “body issues” It just wasn’t something I had to worry about. I’m sure many people are thinking “Lucky you, you get to eat whatever you want and probably don’t have a care in the world.” Which […]

Hello Winter

Winter Warmers

This is my first Winter in 8 years and honestly by the way this one has been going it may as well be my first Winter I have EVER experienced. So last week it was -40 Celsius. Yep there’s no mistake in that number. While my counterparts down-under in the southern hemisphere revel in a […]


Tis’ the Season

To be merry.   Photo by Colin Gaudet Yep it’s that time again, Eat drink and be merry. It’s kind of a stressful time of year with buying the perfect gifts, planning what to wear to every christmas party and event, writing up a menu full of delicious foods (don’t forget to cater for the […]

What inspires?

It’s always delighted me to hear what inspires other people. Everyone has something different and what works for one person may make someone else utterly hate life. For example I love nothing more than rain, storms (and newly found snow!) lightening and darkness to write music to. Someone else would balk at this and instead […]