New York

New York State Of Mind

Old familiar feelings flooded back the minute I stepped onto the dark and gritty pavement at my feet. I inhaled taking in the scent of a city of 8 million people, the different cultures, dreams, and ambitions all mixed into one. Hot dogs. that was my first thought.. or rather the first thing I caught […]

Go with the flow or swim against it?

As with every job there are the decisions you need to make on your own. The hard questions that really test your moral strength. Well maybe they’re not always so hard, but you do have to know yourself to know which direction you want to go in (and not be pushed into). So with music […]

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I want it all

Sometimes (most days) I want to do it all, I want to be and do everything. Recently I’ve been painting and drawing, if only to fill the walls of my very bare apartment. The reason? Well in true nomad style I won’t be living in this apartment for much longer but I’ve had a yearning […]


Frozen in time

Funny things happen to us all the time. Just yesterday I walked directly into my table (which is bolted to the ground and has never moved in the entire time I have lived here) I then proceeded to jump around exclaiming “Ow ow ow ow ow” for the next 5 minutes. But thankfully I only […]

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Where do we go from here?

It’s always been a big question of mine. Now what? We set out these goals but sometimes they don’t go to plan and sometimes they go better than expected. I’m talking about what you do when you’ve ticked all the boxes on the things you wanted to do, and are at a crossroad. Now is […]

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You can go your own way

In an industry that has no real rules and no one governing the wellbeing and financial welfare of the people in it, there comes a time when you have to make all the hard decisions yourself. Modelling isn’t all about raining money. As most models know there is no union that exists for modelling. Unlike […]


You’re told to be skinny?

I don’t know about you guys, but when I’m told I have a swimwear or lingerie shoot, suddenly my diet goes out the window. What is it about being told that there’s one day and one day only that I need to be looking fit, that makes me run to the nearest ice cream store? […]

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The Fast Track

Ever wondered how some girls (and guys) go from being school kid to overnight success? I’m going to tell you it’s luck. Sheer luck. For everyone else who is labelled an “overnight success” it’s the medias’ way of saying “We didn’t know about all their years of hard work until now. So we’re going to […]


Less is more

It’s easy to see all the pretty shiny things of the world and want to have it all. I’m the first person to be running towards anything sparkly screaming “MINE MINE MINE” but I’m also no stranger to living out of a suitcase and having to say goodbye to all my worldly possessions. You might […]



I feel like because I’m half asian I must have some sort of claim on being zen. But that aside while I’m by no means a zen master, I am a frequent traveller and work a job that changes every day. So I have to find a balance where and when I can get it. […]

What makes someone a model?

I thought I would include my cover of Pretty hurts. The lyrics are pretty apt about the way you can sometimes feel about yourself compared to the beautiful images of models in magazines and on billboards. Too many times I’ve had people say to me “I wish I could be a model” or “It’s only […]


There are no foreign lands

I used to feel slightly nervous/ slightly excited before a new contract overseas. Ok ok, It wasn’t just slightly, I was immensely excited!   Living abroad with friend and party animal, Yumi I would pack my bags a week before and tick off everything on my “travel list” that I had made, making sure I […]


When you’re your own boss at 15

Sounds kind of glamorous and powerful being your own boss and calling the shots when you’re still in high school huh?! but in actual fact it’s not. Something a lot of people don’t know about the industry is that we as models are contractors. Most agency contracts are geared towards protecting their interests first (and […]

Do not follow blindly

So you’re telling me that not everything on the internet is true???!?!??!   Social media is awesome. It makes it easy to stay connected with friends around the world, it’s a great way to share photo’s and as we’ve seen lately you can get up to date intel from war zones and protests and really […]